MyMediaPlayer 2
MyMediaPlayer 2 is an Adobe Air application that gives users the ability to view's extensive library of television shows and movies. The first version was developed as a web application in February 2008. In June 2008, MyMediaPlayer1 was developed into an Adobe Air application. MyMediaPlayer 2 adds the ability to watch in fullscreen TV mode. MyMediaPlayer has always shown Hulu's content with all the commercials as intended, never altering the player and is simply utilizing the RSS feeds which Hulu makes freely available. MyMediaPlayer has always been about showing only Hulu videos and not Bittorrent, web video, mp3, CBS, ABC etc.

MyMediaPlayer 2 Twitter Integration
On install of MyMediaPlayer you can enter your Twitter credientials and update your Twitter account as you use MyMediaPlayer.

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MyMediaPlayer 2 Guide
The guide screen allows you to scale the player so as you increase the size so more shows are viewable. This is a major limitation to which is a fixed size and is built to go page to page. On a 30 inch monitor you will be able to view 144 shows at a glance.

The top left side of the player navigation has two buttons "TV and Movies", clicking on them will show you 393 TV shows and 208 movies. Hulu has been steadily increasing the library of both TV and Movies. The left side navigation allows you filter by categories such as Comedy, Drama etc.

MyMediaPlayer 2 Show Details
Clicking on a show from the guide will take you to the show screen which has the episodes that are available.

This view will show you the air date, run-time, description and a thumbnail of the show. Clicking on a video in the bottom pane will play the video in the top pane.