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To create a web based application that allows users to have the same experience as they would when purchasing an AppleTV device. A few enhancements have been added, features such as a "History" and a "Favories" list have been implemented.

AppleTV cannot be viewed in a browser, it must be purchased. Therefore I believe makes it even less accessible than downloadable clients such as Joost and Babelgum. I believe Apple with it's resources should provide the mass audience with at least a minimal interatcive experience of their application, which will be a better experience than showing a Quicktime movie. I want to point out that I am not seeing this is as replacement, but I believe web applications will extend and enhance the experience to users, I can almost guarantee most users will not have access to their Apple TV at work.

The flash based version does not need to be downloaded for continuous updates, it works in all browsers on all operating systems. All enhancements and upgrades are transparent to the user and the application continues to retain the user preferences since the application is hosted on a server.

The next step is to extend the application from simply being a video player to a multimedia player and add images from Flickr or the user's local machine, add RSS feeds from the top blogs, a social text and webcam chat component, and finally to add Music from radio stations or the user's local iTunes/Windows Media Player directories.

I have also developed mashups for Joost and Babelgum.

Paul Yanez Labs - AppleTV Video


A Flash mashup that has the same functionality as the AppleTV device plus utilizes RSS feeds from the top web sharing sites such as YouTube, Google, MySpace, Digg, BlipTV, MetaCafe, IFilm, Pornotube, DailyMotion, Break, Grouper, Heavy and Guba.

Users have the ability to navigate the application via keyboard or remote control.

All graphics have been created in vector thereby porting to mobile devices, Nintendo Wii, Sony Playstation3 or Windows Media Center will be seamless.

The user has the ability to change the UI in terms of color, layout, control type, viewing and hiding information thru a control panel.

Paul Yanez Labs - AppleTV Video

Video List

Users can either use their mouse or remote control to navigate thru the various lists of videos. Most sites and categories will have hundreds of new videos added daily.

Paul Yanez Labs - AppleTV Video

Fullscreen Video

The fullscreen portion of the application has the video playing with the iTunes controls on the bottom. A added featue is the details of the video appearing on load of a new video.

Users also have the ability on this screen to add the video to a "favorites" list.

Paul Yanez Labs - AppleTV Video

Interchangeable controllers

Users have the ability to change controllers if they desire. This controller is based on the iTunes look and feel and allows the user to freely move the device on the screen and dock anywhere they please.

Paul Yanez Labs - AppleTV Video

Categories of Videos

The application has the following " Categories" list - Classic TV, Documentaries, Ha Ha, Muisc HipHop, Muisc Hindi, Music Hits, Muisc Indie, Network TV, News, OMG Cute, Politics, Science & Nature, Sports Extreme, Talk & Chatter, Technology, Toons, Video Blogs, and Web Shows.

Paul Yanez Labs - AppleTV Video

History of Videos

A feature not included with AppleTV is the ability to track and save the viewed videos, thereby creating a History list. This is transparent to the user and allows the ability to find a video quickly in without going thru thousands of videos.

The user has the option to have continuous play of videos while navigating thru the apllication, which is shown here at the bottom left. Or they can switch the option to be off.

Paul Yanez Labs - AppleTV Video

Favorite Videos

Users can with one click save videos to a favorites list which is maintained through different browser sessions.

Paul Yanez Labs - AppleTV Video

Settings Control Panel

The application has the ability to change settings in real-time. Features such as changing background colors, hiding and showing video details, changing alignment of the application from left to right, switching video from color to black and white, having a continuous play of the video or not, switching controls in the fullscreen mode from docked to undocked.

Paul Yanez Labs - AppleTV Video

Change UI Layout

Users have the ability to change the layout on the fly. If you are more accustomed to reading left to right, no problem. With one click users can modify the layout, this screen shows a setting of UI Alignment "LEFT".

Paul Yanez Labs - AppleTV Video

Show Video Details

By default the flash application does not show video details below the image, however users who choose to have it, can. The three items if available are title, description and length.

Paul Yanez Labs - AppleTV Video

Video Intro

The application begins with the playing of the AppleTV commercial. Users have the ability to press a skip button to enter the application.